Christmas List

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Christmas is coming soon. Time to start your Christmas list now. Don't wait last minute because you'll definitely miss a lot of stuff. Here are some tips to master your Christmas List:

  1. Start writing down what you want. 
  2. Divide it into different section. For example: Electronics, Clothing, Etc.
  3. Now, cross out all the things that you don't need or want. Always prioritise the things that's more beneficial for you.
  4. To make it more organize. You can always rearrange it from the most to the least expensive.

 For this Christmas, Look Organic Tea have prepared the perfect gift for you. Get our limited Christmas sampler box for $14.95 and you'll get for sampler. Or if you want something more fancier, you can always get our customize box for only $40. You can monogram or even put any kind of design on to the box. It will be very elegant and unique gift for this Christmas.


Happy Tea Time,


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