Earl Grey has your back...

One cup of Earl Grey is a chance to slow down! 

This year got most of us moving and quite unsettled, if you want to slow down maybe you need to stay home, grab a book and have a cup of tea. To relax your body through all your senses, there's no better tea than Earl Grey.

Earl Grey Tea originated in England in the early 1800's, when they wanted to imitate some of the expensive Chinese black teas. Earl Grey is a blend prepared with black tea and bergamot. Most of the bergamot citrus is brought from Italy and it is distinctive by its strong aroma! Get it here!

Health benefits of Earl Grey

Promotes healthy teeth.

Contains very high levels of catechin, an antioxidant that fights oral infections. Fluoride is also a natural component of Earl Grey tea. Fluoride is good for your teeth because it protects them from cavities, as well as fighting decay.

Fights anxiety and depression

Earl Grey Tea contains bergamot which has natural aromatherapy qualities. Bergamot is known to have calming effects on those who drink it. Also the compound bergamot boosts a person’s mood and thus helps to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

Relief from cold

Earl grey tea has anti-viral properties that fight and kill the viruses that lead to common cold. Earl grey tea also contains bergamot that boosts the immune system and cures problems like cold and fever. 

Stress Relief

Earl Grey tea relaxes and soothes the body almost instantly. It also has a stress relief effect whilst simultaneously providing the same clarity and focus as coffee.


Love yourself; drink tea,


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