Time To Go Organic!

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People ask why buy organic? and it is more expensive compare to a regular produce. Here are reasons on why you should go organic! 
Around 1 billion pesticides are use each year. That's about 3 lbs of pesticides per person! Pesticides have resulted a lot of hormonal disruptors for our body. Fruits, such as peaches are positive tested for honey bee toxins. Young infants who consumed pesticide since baby have a higher possibilities in getting brain cancer. Since most of our body has been contaminated with pesticides, a high level of pesticides are really dangerous for a pregnant women. The reason is due to a bigger chance for their fetus to be birth defect. It is okay to have a certain level of pesticides on our body, that is why from now on it's better to consume organic produce in the future.
The good news is you can still enjoy your favorite cup of tea from us. All of our tea are organic. So it is safe for you and your family :)



Happy Tea Time,

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