Matcha 101

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    Matcha recently gain it's fame through a lot of desserts and mixed into many different type of drinks. It's super delicious to even drink it by it self. A deep flavor, that can't be replicate by any other tea. However did you know that Matcha have a deep history and tradition behind it...
    Matcha is actually originated from China. It is believed to be an "elixir of the immortals". After awhile it travels to Japan and grew as one of a big tradition there. Matcha is a very expensive tea at that time, so only the royalties and aristocrats are able to afford the luxury of Matcha. Now, Matcha's tea ceremony are open for public. However, it is still consider as a formal ceremony to do.



    • Rich in Antioxidant
    • Calming Effect
    • Boost Energy Level & Endurance
    • Detox
    • Boost Immune System


     Happy Tea Time,

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