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What is Matcha?

Matcha has been here for centuries but for some reason, it started become highly popular among the youth. We have Matcha ice cream, Matcha chocolate, matcha lattes, matcha smoothies and many other products!
However, in Japanese culture, matcha green tea is much more than a drink. The matcha tea ceremony has been an integral part of the traditional Japanese culture for centuries. A quiet celebration performed with grace and beauty, the matcha tea ritual invites people to an experience of mindfulness, respect and a focus on the now.
You can watch a video of the matcha ceremony here:

What is the difference between any other green tea and matcha?

Matcha is a far superior grade of tea containing up to 15 times more nutrients than loose leaf green tea. Because matcha powder represents the ground tea leaf in its entirety, you get the benefits of the whole tea leaf’s nutrients and vitamins. In comparison, in regular brewed green tea leaves, its nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins C gets left behind in the tea leaf and are usually discarded.

How can I drink matcha?

First of all, you can buy matcha by clicking here. After you purchase it, you can have it in a small cup by itself. Although Matcha has a bitter taste, you should try it first on it's own. If you are not a big fan of drinking it on it's own you can always add it to your favorite smoothie or latte.


The important thing about matcha is that you innovate the ways you incorporate it to your foods while always acknowledging the cultural importance of it.


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