Wild strawberry....

What a better way to wake up than Wild Strawberry tea? Wild Strawberry is one of our most popular blends, among the ingredients are Black Ceylon tea and freeze-dried strawberry pieces. This tea offers you a fresh sweet-floral, berry flavor and smooth texture.

Ceylon tea is a tea from Sri Lanka, a nation which was formerly known as Ceylon. Although some Sri Lankan producers are branching out in their offerings to include green tea and other tea types, most Ceylon teas are black teas.

Most Ceylon tea is orthodox tea, meaning it was processed by hand, making a brisk, bright tea.

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Health benefits of Black Tea

  • Healthy bones

It has also been suggested that regular tea drinkers have stronger bones and lower probability of developing arthritis due to the phytochemicals found in tea.

  • Oral health

Studies funded by the Tea Trade Health Research Association suggests that black tea reduces plaque formation as well as restricts bacteria growth that promotes the formation of cavities and tooth decays. Polyphenols found in black tea kill and surpass cavity-causing bacteria as well as hinder the growth of bacterial enzymes that form the sticky-like material that binds plaque to our teeth. 

  • Antioxidants 

Black tea contains polyphenols, which are also antioxidants that help block DNA damage associated with tobacco or other toxic chemicals. These antioxidants are different from those obtained from fruits and vegetables and therefore as a regular part of our diet they can provide additional benefits towards a healthy lifestyle.



Wild strawberry is a treat you'll want to keep for yourself,

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